Sona Doğru

Sona Doğru (Closer to climax)Towards the end of the six years that defined Turkish Erotic Cinema, the movies produced were becoming every more daring, blurring the lines between suggestive erotica and hardcore pornography. While male genitals and bottoms were gradually being shown on the silver screen unlike before, heated bisexual orgy scenes were becoming more common in each movie’s finale. 

Sona Doğru celebrates those last years with stills taken from orgy scenes from Gece Yaşayan Kadın (A woman of the night), Kızıda Anası Gibi (Like Mother Like Daughter) and Seytan’ın kölesi (Devil’s Slave). In the latter, the main character, played by Dilber Ay, is brought into an orgy by his lover Hakan and fearfully tries to smoke a joint. The minutes that follow shows a heated Dilber gradually breaking her boundaries to join into a playful orgy with 3 other couples. Just like the Yesilçam industry, she is freed of her pudic senses.

These images were intended to be produced on our signature medium of silk. They however shocked our manufacturer and our production was unexpectedly halted. Determined to exhibit these works in Turkey, we have opted last minute to print them on fine art paper. We did however manage to get their pixelated censored version printed by the very same manufacturer on our signature silk. You may unveil the censored silk and reveal the uncensored image below. 

We do hope that they will still make you Pâme.

Limited edition of 25. 

Censored image printed on an approx 25x25cm 100% Silk Handkerchief with a hand rolled and sewn hem. Uncensored image printed on a 25x25cm Hahnemühle Photo Matt Fibre paper. 

20/25 Available 

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