Stuart Sandford

Pâme’s fourth collaboration is with the Los Angeles based British artist Stuart Sandford (b. 1978). Working across a variety of mediums, Stuart’s artistic lens focuses on sexuality and male body representation in a self-obsessive pop culture. 

Inspired by Greco-Roman art history, Sandford’s work aims to contrast from the traditional understandings of masculinity and examine the contemporary standards of beauty in a hyper-connected artificial existence. The artist’s diaristic approach to photographic portraiture as well as his hyper-realist oil paintings foster an intimate environment where he reveals the self-imposed societal mask. 

For Stuart’s collaboration with Pâme we have selected two of his photographic series that are strikingly different. Their new silk medium gives these photos a new movement that transports us to that self-reflective intimate space so dear to the artist. 

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