In 2018, Marie took part in the Icelandic biennale and residency Fresh Winds Gardur, during which she developed the water & photographic sculpture Gunna. As often in her practice, she took inspiration from local mythology. As the story goes, Icelanders in 18th century Reykjanes managed to get rid of a revengeful revenant by tricking her into falling in the Gunnuhver hot spring, thereon named after her, Gunna. In an homage to Icelandic folk tales and this spectral feminine figure, Alix took a previously shot female nude printed on PVC and placed it in the blue lagoon to rephotograph it, resulting in a phantasmal mermaid floating in silica water. 

Limited edition print.
100% Silk. Approx. 90 x 90 cm.
Dry clean only.
40/50 Available
170 € 190 €

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Please note that first orders will be shipped out at the end of the month of February. 

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