Suite Sixteen

This single edition is a suite of selected works from Stuart’s “Polaroid Collages” where the artist cuts and reassembles a series of Polaroids that documents his travels and encounters.

The immediate materialisation of a Polaroid responds to the urgency of capturing a precious instant before it disappears. The nostalgic blur resulting from the movement of the instant camera highlights the privacy of each memory. These intimate moments snapped by the artist are hand cut and adorned with pictures from the surrounding botany. The pastel palette imbues these male nudes with tenderness and vulnerability, thereby challenging the traditional depictions of virile masculinity.

Our souvenirs come back to us in bits and pieces. Recollection is a curatorial exercise where fragments of our memories are selected and reassembled in an intelligible order. This patchwork of Polaroids is just that: an attempt to re-arrange the sweetest suite of sixteen collages to reminisce of a softer time, printed on the softest of mediums.  

Limited Edition of 50 prints. Approx 90x90cm. 100% Silk with a hand rolled and sewn hem

225 EUR

30/50 Available 

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