Polaroid Collage XVI

Stuart's unequivocally titled "Polaroid Collages" began in 2019 where the artist cuts and reassembles a series of Polaroids that document his life and travels.

These intimate moments snapped by the artist are hand cut and adorned with pictures from the surrounding botany. The artist compares the resulting craft of collages to "instant sculptures" and classifies them with roman numerals, deliberately hinting to ancient Rome’s virile male statues. Yet the pastel palette of these polaroid’s imbues these male nudes with a striking sense of tenderness and vulnerability, thereby challenging the traditional depictions of masculinity. 

For our collaboration with Stuart, we have selected 6 of these collages, each to be issued in only 15 limited edition silk handkerchiefs. The slippery movement of our crêpe silk matches the movement created by the nostalgic blur inherent to the Polaroid. And just as the visible junction lines of each collage the change of colour in each hem recalls the fragmentary nature of one’s memories. 

Limited Edition of 15 prints. Approx 25x25cm. 100% Silk Handkerchief with a hand rolled and sewn hem. 

09/15 Available 

75 EUR 

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Please note that prices will increase as editions sell out. We ship every Friday. 

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