Pâmefaces are a set of six limited edition handkerchieves that are the result of our unique collaboration with Stuart. 

His Cumfaces series (2007) is the very first iteration of the selfie within Sandford’s work. It is the outcome of an online open call on Myspace, at the earliest days of social media. Following Stuart’s instructions, over 30 selfies were submitted by self-pleasuring young men on the brink of climax. 

These Photographs capture one’s most private and intimate Moment. They have ben sourced directly by the artist via a technology that continues to test the limits of privacy today. Nearly 15 years later, these orgasmic selfies are ever more relevant, at a time when publishing one’s private life online has become nearly an existential urge. 

Our collaboration with Sandford’s images on silk is an attempt to enhance the movement and sensuality of these photographs. The playful colour chosen for each hem hints at the frisky motive with which they have been shared by their senders. Their deliberate tissue like size is finally competed with our redesigned tissue-box envelope, thereby suggesting you pull one and share your most intimate moments with Stuart’s new Pâmefaces. 

Set of Six Handkerchieves in a limited edition of 50 prints. Approx 90x90cm. 100% Silk with a hand rolled and sewn hem.  

300 EUR

31/50 Available 

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Please note that prices will increase as editions sell out. We ship every Friday. 

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